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Striped marlin near Cabo San Lucas

The waters around Los Cabos provide some of the finest deep sea and inshore fishing in the world with excellent year round catches of marlin and many other species.

Let us help you secure some of the finest sport fishing charter boats available.

We recommend Pisces Fleet very highly. The Pisces Fleet has been recognized by the International Billfish Foundation for releasing the most Striped Marlin and was honored by the International Game Fish Association with the 1995 Conservation Award. Their staff is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. In November 2008, Pisces anglers caught and released a staggering 2045 striped marlin! It's hard to argue with those numbers.

It is best to reserve your charter as far in advance as possible to ensure availability of your requested boat type or Captain. We prefer a minimum of 7 days advance notice to confirm your fishing reservation however it is sometimes possible to have a boat share or a late cancellation. Pangas are also available at very competitive prices for inshore fishing. Every person on the boat will have to pay a Mexican fishing license: the money from this is kept in the Baja and is used to promote conservation of fish stocks and for the policing of the area to prevent illegal fishing.

Tackle Tips

If you are bringing some fishing gear, here are some of the basic rule of thumb for the Cabo region. Make sure your rods & reels are in the best working order. The fish in Baja will push your tackle to the limit! Have fresh main line on your reels and fresh leaders ready for your lures. You want to use a harder, more abrasion resistant mono for your leader material as the bills of marlin and sailfish are rough and abrasive enough to wear through normal mono.

Blue & Black Marlin: Blues and Blacks arrive between July and October normally. 80lb line with 500 yards, with drag set properly, will generally slow one down and get it boatside. Or you can have a reel with 50lb line, but with 700 yards of line. Most Blue Marlin caught in the Cabo region are males, in the 250-350lb class. Once you get above that weight, its generally a female. Rods are 5 1/2 ft to 6ft, usually E-Glass, with a minimum of a tip and stripper roller guides.

Striped Marlin and Sailfish: Stripers are found year round but peak between November and March with Sails coming in along with the Blues and Blacks. Leader length for lure fishing 12'-15' of 200# - 300# or 12'-15' of 100# to 150# for live bait . The leader is usually tied to the main line with an albright. Live bait is the preferred option but PLEASE - insist on circle hooks as they do less damage to the fish meaning you can release them alive...which is the point of catch and release after all.

Yellowfin Tuna: Found year round but peak in the summer months with some running well over 200lbs. Leader length of 8' of 80# for live bait or chunking for tuna over 100#. A swivel is optional for live bait, but mandatory for chunking. 5' of 50#-60# for trolling or bait for tuna over 40#; 20#-30# for smaller fish. The cedar plug, as usual, is a killer bait for our Cabo yellowfin

Dorado: Found year round and peak late summer through fall. November 2009 had record numbers of these fish in our waters. Leader length is usually 6-8 feet, with 50-80 lb line. Live bait is the same with 60 lb line.

Wahoo: The least common of the classic gamefish but are still caught regularly. It is likely catches are low because they are rarely targetted and caught whilst troling for other species. Leader Length of 2'-3' of 60#-100# single strand wire for live bait and trolled lures, 40#-60# cable for iron (Hopkins, Tady, Salas, UFO, etc), and 250# cable for Marauders, Bonitas, etc., for wahoo.

Sierras & Roosterfish : Fantastic inshore sport is to be had with these fish over the winter and spring months with catches of up to 50 sierras in a day not uncommon. Light tackle is essential to get the most out of your day! Leader length of 5-7 feet with a swivel clipped to a CD4 Rapala. The roosterfish can run very big and live bait is always the best for these tough fighters.

What can you do with your fish?

We encourage the conservation of billfish and therefore request that you release all billfish. If it is your first, the crew can take measurements and you can have a professional mount made secure in the knowledge that your fish is still free. The Captain will advise the taking of injured fish, but generally the rule is that all billfish go back unless it is under exceptional circumstances.

Your catch of foodfish such as dorado, tuna and wahoo will usually be cleaned, bagged, and ready to be frozen by the mate onboard.

Most people take their catch home with them. If you did not bring a cooler with you, local stores normally have a good supply, though they are generally quite expensive. Usually a 42 quart cooler will make the 44lb restriction on most airlines. You can bring a bigger one, but you will have to pay the excess baggage charge, usually $1.00 per lb. Airlines vary, so check with the air carrier on exact cost. Also, the cooler is considered 1 piece of baggage. Most airlines allow you to check in 2 pieces of baggage and 1 carry on. Unless your trip home is extensive, most fish make it back in a perfectly fresh state.

You can also arrange to have your fish cooked at a local restaurant. For a small cost of about $4.00 per person they will supply the side dishes to accompany your fish and prepare it in 3 or 4 different ways. If there is a better way or better place to eat your catch we haven't heard of it!


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