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Guests ask questions. We get it. They need to know stuff. So here’s a list of questions that guests ask us ALL the time. We hope they help.

1. What is the best way to get to Los Milagros from the airport? And how much does it cost?

Really, the best way is to book a car in advance.
Just give Miguel a call on (52) 624 141 6254 Or drop him an email mfc949@gmail.com.

He’s our trusted driver and has been looking after Los Milagros clients for a long time now. He will be happy to organize your airport ride.

Round trips cost approximately $110 US and take about 40 mins. The airport is 30 miles from Los Milagros Hotel.

You could also take the airport shuttle bus for just a few dollars. Or pick up a taxi at the airport.

BUT - the bus stops at most of the resort hotels in the “Cabo corridor, so it can take quite a while. And if you haven’t booked a taxi in advance, you risk paying a lot more than you should…”

2. Can I hire a car in Cabo?

Yes, it’s super easy to hire a car in Cabo. You can pick it up at the airport when you arrive, or get it delivered to the hotel.

We do a lot of business with National Car Hire. You can find them online here

Most of the other international rental companies are at the SJD airport. And you can also find a couple of offices in downtown Cabo. Just around the corner from Los Milagros.

3. Are there any parking facilities at Los Milagros?

Yes, we have secure car parking in the hotel grounds for $10 a night. We only have a few spaces so best to book parking as early as possible.

Or you can park for free on the sidewalk immediately outside the hotel (but only where the curb is painted white, never park where it’s red).

4. Is it best to use dollars or credit cards in Cabo?

You can use both. Almost everywhere - restaurants, bars, shops - accepts US dollars and/or credit cards. And of course, you can use Mexican pesos if you prefer.

5. Is it easy to get cash and change money?

Yes, it’s really easy. You can get cash directly from any ATM machine. Or from any bank as long as you have your passport. We suggest using the bank ATM because they charge less commission.

6. Where are the best places to eat in Cabo?

Well…that‘s kind of a tricky question. There are so many restaurants in Cabo now – everything imaginable from fine dining to family burger bars to amazing local restaurants taco stands…

Really, it depends on your taste. And on your budget.

It’s impossible to cover everything, but here are a few of our nearby favorites, ALL just a few minutes walk from Los Milagros:

  • Guacamayas – great Mexican tacos right around the corner whenever you want…
  • Fresh Fruit Man - delicious breakfast juice and the freshest fruit imaginable. Old style fruit cart on the corner, about 100m from Los Milagros…
  • Casa Sola Café – best breakfast, only 3 blocks from Los Milagros…
  • Alcaravea – wonderful Mediterranean restaurant, superb chef, very popular with locals, good food for a great price, very close…
  • Los Claros – best fish tacos in town, also just around the corner…
  • Mision de Kino – wonderful little restaurant, international cuisine, slightly hidden in a side street, but only couple of minutes walk from Los Milagros…
  • Nik San – superb sushi at gourmet Japanese restaurant, a couple of blocks away…
  • D.O.C. – Italian and Mexican wine by the glass with a traditional menu from native Italian chefs…
  • Dolce – home-made northern Italian cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere…
  • La Pampa – great variety of grilled Argentinian meats, on Boulevard Marina, only a few minutes' walk away …
7. Can you recommend things to do in Cabo?

There is so much to do around Cabo – fishing, golfing, whale watching, surfing, scuba diving, paddle boarding, etc – that we promise you will never be bored! For the best Scuba Diving in Cabo, visit Cabo Deep Blue

But with so many companies offering different services – eco tours, sunset tours, pirate boats, horseback riding, zip line rides, etc – we recommend you have a look online before you arrive.

But perhaps you prefer “living in the moment”. And just want to decide when you get here. That’s fine too. Just make sure you take a walk around the Marina, to compare what’s on offer. (Remember it’s always best book direct if you want to avoid commission).

8. Can you book tours and activities for me?

No. I am afraid we can’t do bookings for tours and activities.

Of course, we will always do our best to answer all your questions and point you in the right direction for bars, restaurants, and activities. But please remember, we are not a tour service operator.

Fortunately, there are lots of good local tour operators. Way too many for us to work with them all. But we can recommend:

For fun boat trips go to Sunrider Tours

For horseriding, donkey safaris, and ATV rides head to Rancho Carisuva

For the best sportfishing in Cabo try Pisces

And for the best Scuba diving, Cabo Deep Blue

9. Do you have any maps of Cabo?

Of course. You will find a great local map inside DESTINO Los Cabos magazine – we put one in every room.

We also have extra magazines with maps at reception. Or checkout this great google map – it shows everything in the area.

10. What is the history of Los Milagros?

We have been in business for more than 22 years. Check out our story on the home page

11. Is there 24-hour reception at Los Milagros?

No. Reception hours are 8am-8pm. We are a bit too small for 24-hour reception.

Of course, we have staff on the premises 24/7. So there is always someone to welcome you. Whatever your arrival time.

Please let us know your arrival time in advance.

12. Is it safe to drink tap water?

Best not to. We have a free water cooler in the courtyard for all guests to use. Or you can buy bottle water in all the local shops around the hotel.

13. Is smoking allowed in Los Milagros?

No. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms. But you can smoke in any of the hotel communal areas – the courtyard, pool area, or hotel gardens. Please be considerate with other guess.

14. Can we bring our dog? Or other pets?

Afraid not. Much as we love animals, we can’t have any kind of pets in the hotel.

15. What happens if I have to cancel?

We understand that things happen. And sometimes people will have to cancel. Unfortunately, the

    1-night deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances.

    However, if you manage to cancel two weeks in advance, we offer the chance to change your reservation dates. And in that way, the deposit is transferrable to the new booking. (But of course, this depends on availability).

    16. Can you provide a crib in our room?

    Sorry, we can’t provide cribs. But you can bring your own.

    17. What is the charge for extra people in the room?

    For an extra $20 per night, you can put a third person (adult or child) in a

      twin room only. However, we are unable to provide any extra beds.

      The maximum capacity for a standard room is always 2 guests. No 3rd person accepted in Standard or Junior rooms.

      18. What are the charges for children?

      Children count as adults. The maximum number of guests in a twin room is 3. In a Junior or a Standard, it is 2 guest per room maximum.

      If you are a family two adults and two kids you will need two rooms.

      Sorry, but rollaway beds, extra beds, or cribs are NOT available - you may bring your own crib though.

      19. What time is check in and check out?

      Check in is 3:00pm. And check out is at 11:00am.

      20. When should I pay my bill?

      It‘s best to pay your bill the day before you leave.

      Sometimes banks get suspicious when charges are made in a foreign country. And they may block the credit card, or try to call you, etc.

      To save all this trouble and to avoid wasting time, we strongly recommend paying your bill the day before departure.

      You can do this at reception by credit card, or cash. In dollars or pesos.

      Please remember that, in all rooms, no extra bedding or mattresses can be provided in any circumstances.

      21. Do all rooms have kitchenettes?

      No, only Junior Suites have a kitchen. Sometimes we can upgrade you on arrival. But much better to book in advance.

      22. Do all rooms have fridges?

      No, only junior suites have fridges. But there is a free cold/hot water dispenser in the courtyard for all guests.

      23. Do all rooms have a coffee pot?

      Afraid not. Only Junior Suites have coffee machines.
      But we do provide free morning coffee. From 8am-11am in reception.

      There is also a free hot/cold water dispenser in the courtyard. (Up the steps next to the laundry.)

      24. Do you have a laundry service?

      No, afraid not. But just across the street, less than 50m away, there is a launderette.

      25. Are hair dryers provided in each room?

      No, but we can give you one on request. The same with an iron. Just ask at reception.

      26. Where is the nearest beach for swimming?

      Medano beach is the nearest beach for swimming.

      For most of the other beaches along the “Los Cabos Corridor” you will need transport.

      Most guests take La Ruta del Desierto Bus. They run every 20 mins, and cost just a few dollars. The bus goes all the way to SJD airport.

      All beaches in Mexico are public. So, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee. Or be a member of a beach club.

      Remember there are lots of strong currents. So please check carefully where you can swim.

      We can provide beach towels on request.

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