Turtle tragedy in Cabo…


Turtle nest crushed, killing 18 hatchlings, as bulldozer smoothed the sand at Cabo beachside resort…

Loggerhead Turtle Hatching

Everybody knows it's turtle time in Cabo. Turtle camps swing into actions from August til early Dec, nests are relocated to safe areas, volunteers parade the beaches nightly.

And heavy machinery stays off the beach. At least it is supposed to.

Sadly, this is not what happened last week, when 18 baby turtles met their untimely end. Before they had even hatched. And why? Just so the beach could look nice and smooth.

Beaches are pubic property in Mexico. Not privately owned by resorts. Yet despite being warned off the beach by authorities the previous day, the Caterpillar machine was back on the sands at dawn.

Early morning joggers alerted officials for a second time. But not before the damage was done. One crushed nest, and 18 crushed eggs. Awful. And avoidable. Fingers crossed significant fines will be raised.

However, all was not lost. Twenty unhatched eggs were relocated to an incubation chamber. And 17 baby turtles were safely guided back to the sea.

Home to 5 species of endangered turtles - Cabo runs some fantastic local conservation projects. Why not come visit. Releasing turtle hatchlings to the ocean promises to be one of most amazing things you will ever see. Book your room now - from $70-$120 including taxes.

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